Refinancing Your Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage has the potential to save you money when done correctly.

Refinancing involves switching your current mortgage for another mortgage that's better suited to your needs or offers a better rate. We will analyze your current mortgage, assist in determining if refinancing is of benefit to you, and work with you to select the refinancing solution that best aligns with your current financial situation.

Benefits of Mortgage Refinancing

Keeping pace with your evolving lifestyle and financial situation means periodically reassessing your mortgage to ensure you still have the best mortgage for your needs. Like many other homeowners, you may be wondering what options you have now.

  • Purchase your second home or investment property
  • Secure a better rate 
  • Save thousands over the life of your mortgage
  • Pay off your mortgage sooner
  • Access cash for home renovations, travel, or emergencies

How much can I qualify for if I refinance?

When you refinance, you’re essentially obtaining a new loan using your existing home as collateral. The borrowing amount is determined by your home’s current value and the equity you’ve accumulated in it over time. Equity grows as you pay down the principal balance of your mortgage. Typically, you can borrow up to 80% of your home’s current market value, factoring in any applicable fees such as closing costs.

Why Choose Lift Mortgage?


Our team comprises exceptionally knowledgeable mortgage professionals boasting extensive industry experience, equipped with the expertise to guide you through every facet of the mortgage process, ensuring informed decisions and successful outcomes.

Personalized Service

We prioritize understanding your financial aspirations and circumstances, meticulously tailoring our services to meet your unique needs, thereby ensuring personalized solutions perfectly aligned with your goals and circumstances.

Reliable & Experience

Helping Canadians achieve real estate dream since 2007, we are part of a team that funds over $1 billion in mortgages annually. Our team’s commitment over many years ensures you get trustworthy help on your journey to owning a home.

Commitment to Success

Our commitment is to empower you, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or real estate investor, guiding you towards financial freedom. We strive to help you achieve a debt-free future, set up your children for success, and create an amazing retirement through strategic mortgage decisions.

Client Reviews

What Our Clients Said

My wife & I found Kathy to be very informative & helpful on any questions we had in regards to setting up our mortgage & getting the best rate possible. We would definitely recommend her services to any friends needing a mortgage for their property.

Jason Gajda client

Kathy is super amazing ! I am so grateful and lucky to have a friend and expert like Kathy to help on my mortgage!! You will find her care you and your interest from her beautiful heart! (and she is a beauty too). It's a great and pleasant experience working with Kathy and I would recommend Kathy to all people I know who would need a mortgage!!!

Carrie Chen client

This is my second time doing the mortgage with Kathy, everything went smoothly as always. Kathy is very professional, helpful and patient guiding with all the complicated paperwork. We're very happy with your service and would recommend our family and friends getting the mortgage with you. What a pleasure working with you Kathy, thanks very much again.

Lan Ly client

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the greatest customer to deal with as I'm not the sharpest tack in the in the box. But Kathy was very patient with me as I tried to figure out how this mortgage stuff even works. She broke down all our options (even if it meant going with someone else) and was super flexible with our ever-changing situation. She really cares for her people and it shows in how she dealt with us even after the deal was done! I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation!

Nathan Fong client

I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy multiple times on both new mortgages or also renewals and my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Kathy helped us with our mortgages for a house, duplex and a condo and most recently, a home line equity. Unlike other banks, Kathy took a genuine interest in our financial situation and provided unbiased advise even when the best option was potentially with someone else (which occurred). She went out of her way to ensure we understood and guided us along the way. Kathy has come through when I have needed her help the most and I highly recommend her. She is honest and hard working and I enjoy working with her. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Jade A client

Kathy was an amazing individual and her services in helping us secure the best market mortgage rates was unsurpassed. She provided us with the best rates compared to all the brick and mortar financial institutions. She was super easy to work with, friendly and was absolutely flexible in working around our busy family schedule with work, school and kids. She was very informed and provided us with amazing education and walked us through the process. Thank you Kathy and we look forward to renewing with you again in the future!

Robert Tang client

Kathy is the best of best Mortgage broker I've ever worked with. She not only helped my mortgage 5 years ago to get the best rate for me. Now when I need a mortgage renewal she searched all over the market for more than 40 lenders in few days in order to find the best rate for me. My original bank (lender) wanted me to stay with them to renew my mortgage so they offered the best rate among all vendors.Whenever Kathy realized my current bank offers the best rate in the market, she even negotiated with my original bank to get a super special rate for me even she got no business and nothing! She just wanted to make sure her client get best interest without thinking of herself !! Kathy is super amazing ! I am so grateful and lucky to have a friend and expert like Kathy to help on my mortgage!! You will find her care you and your interest from her beautiful heart! (and she is a beauty too). It's a great and pleasant experience working with Kathy and I would recommend Kathy to all people I know who would need a mortgage!!!

Carrie Chen client

Kathy was referred to us by my brother/sister-in-law and she has helped us with our first mortgage and refinances. She's extremely professional, full of knowledge, honest, hard working and simply someone you can count on. We are a moderate earning family and thought we'd never own a house, but with her help we were able to secure over and above the amount needed to get ourselves our dream home. Oh best rates too! We would gladly and without hesitation recommend her services to anyone seeking a mortgage or who's looking to refinance. She's given us so much tips and tricks regarding finances. Thank you Kathy for all your assistance and remember we are your number 1 fans.

Nick Amin client

Kathy has been my go to mortgage broker through many property purchases and sales. She has always provides professional and expert solutions while also looking out for her clients. Whether it's a personal or commerical mortgage, I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone!

Shawn Han Dong client

Kathy always comes through for my clients. She always have my client's best interest at heart. Her professional and friendly approach makes the experience totally stress free. Make sure to contact her if you need a mortgage or refinance.

Will Woo client

Kathy is the best! Being first time home buyers, she was personable and confident in explaining all that was needed for a successful outcome. Kathy and her assistant Sandra made this process a positive experience, which we truly appreciated. My recommendation will always be you Kathy. Thanks again.

Claudia Bargan client

I had such a great time to work with Kathy. She's really detail-oriented and always paying attention to match your needs and preferences. Whenever you need her support and guidance, she'll be there and support me at her best. Best of luck to all seeking home-owners!

Thuy Pham client

We are moving across the country from Montreal to Vancouver. Kathy was extremely helpful and responsive to our needs as we negotiated everything at distance. We highly recommend her!

Saleem Razack client