About Lift Mortgage

Our Story

Welcome to the heart of Lift Mortgage, where the journey to lasting financial freedom begins with a story of determination, passion, and a commitment to uplifting families through real estate. Meet Kathy Nguyen, our senior mortgage agent, and the driving force behind Lift Mortgage. What started as Kathy Nguyen - Mortgage Expert has evolved into a thriving team of dedicated professionals working behind the scenes, including fulfillment specialists and support staff. We are more than “just Kathy, the mortgage expert”. The idea of Lift Mortgage came from the desire to represent who we are - fun, loving, and uplifting.

Who is Kathy Nguyen?

Kathy's journey began after graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Business, armed with determination to pay off a substantial debt without sacrificing her lifestyle. Real estate became her solution, and armed with hard facts and stats, she made her first investment – a presale condo purchased with a line of credit. In just eight months, she sold it, paid off her debts, and ignited her passion for real estate investing.

Driven by her love for family, Kathy envisioned a business that mirrored her personal goals – funding her kids' education through real estate, retiring early with the necessary cash flow, caring for loved ones, and giving generously to others. This vision shaped the foundation of Lift Mortgage. As part of an exceptional team that annually funds over $1 billion, Kathy's commitment to clients and her strong work ethic shine through. Her mission is clear: helping families achieve lasting financial freedom through real estate. Why the focus on families? It stems from Kathy's own journey and the desire to share the benefits of real estate investing with as many people as possible.

Our Mission

Over the last decade, Kathy has worked tirelessly to build a robust network of realtor contacts who share her mission. She extends her expertise to families across Canada through regular webinars covering the current and future real estate market and the ins and outs of real estate investing. Kathy's goal is not just to secure the best mortgages for her clients but also to empower them with strategies that set them on the path to lasting financial freedom. At Lift Mortgage, we believe in the power of real estate to transform lives, and we are here to guide you every step of the way. Join us on this journey, and let's lift your financial future together. Welcome to Lift Mortgage, where dreams take flight and families flourish!